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Botanical Alchemy

Blurry Moon was created in Maison Gimet’s distillery (Gers). The distillation periods being regulated by the appelation, our alambics can stay unused for several weeks at a time.

Gimet’s cellar master chose to experiment blending crushed plants with essential oils during those times and he eventually created a rich and aromatic gin. It holds savours in the continuity of our cellar master’s work on the Gimet Armagnac blends and Lactalium Velvet. Blurry Moon was born.


The making of the gin begins by a meticulous selection of juniper berries, corianter, lemongrass, chinchona chips and hop. These ingredients, all organic, are crushed, and transfered in the copper still for maceration in a 60% wheat alcohol base.

After 24 hours, the boiler is turned on and the distillation begins. Heads and tails are removed to keep the heart of the « bonne chauffe » and at the end, the gin is reduced from 75% to 42% of alcohol with pure water.


Color : White, slightly trouble « like a white cloud in a clear blue sky » according to our cellar master.

Nose : Fresh, mixing lemongrass and pine resin.

Mouth : Fresh, peppermint notes mixed with iodized. Juniper berries structure the gin with a slight bitterness, confering depth

Pairings : On the rocks or inside a gin tonic. Iodized aromas fit well with oysters.